Children and Family Open Second Dedicated Children’s Home

We are delighted to announce the opening of our second children’s home dedicated to children with complex and challenging needs. Greenway Lodge is a dual placement home and is operated by Children and Family on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council.

The home is designed to provide short term accommodation and specialist care, giving the opportunity to de-escalate and stabilise behaviours before allowing children to return to mainstream residential care or foster placements. As with our first home, the objective is to remove the need for the Local Authority to use un-regulated emergency placements within the County. This is particularly important given the Government’s recent statements around tightening the rules on un-regulated care provision for under 16s and significantly changing the regime for 16+ accommodation.

Although there will always be a requirement for short term emergency care following placement breakdown, we believe it will be to the benefit of providers and Local Authorities to have a clear set of guidelines, overseen by a regulator, which ensure adequate provision for young people who find themselves in this situation. In our own experience, the inherent instability of these placements, often using un-trained and inexperienced staff, exacerbates the trauma and distress for young people and contributes to their challenging behaviours. By having a dedicated home and providing the child with a permanent address, a wide range of health and social services can be accessed to help improve outcomes.

Our ambition is to open a network of homes across the South and East of England either in conjunction with a Local Authority or owned and managed by ourselves.