We can provide a varied range of services to children, young people and families, where short or longer term interventions are required. The panel to the right gives an indication of the sort of services we are required to provide. It is not an exhaustive list and we can tailor solutions precisely to any given situation or need. Our mission is to provide high quality, personalised and responsive interventions to Local Authorities, children and families in order to deliver the best outcomes . We pride ourselves on our track record of delivering positive care outcomes and our reputation for a consistently high quality and results driven approach is second to none. Our staff are specially selected to support each child or family based on their experience of working in similar situations. We also look to achieve a good personal fit with each client. We embrace diversity and ensure that services are accessible to all service-users. Documents and the language used is clear and straightforward, ensuring that children and/or those with learning difficulties are able to understand them.

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